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hands using a smartphone while clouds and symbols float aroundXero, the cloud accounting software, is taking the accounting world by storm. Over the last few years, they have collected numerous awards in the UK and abroad and won over a million subscribers who now use Xero as the essential accounting software. While Xero has already worked with numerous third-party apps, the team at Xero continues to expand their own products and offer extra apps that can be integrated with the Xero platform; one of these is Xero Projects.

When you’re running a small business, you want to avoid spending time and effort on jobs that aren’t giving you good returns and most business owners and independent contractors tend to do the maths in their heads or on the spreadsheets. With Xero Projects, you now have a single dashboard that allows you to create a project instantly and record any amount of time spent, assign bills, bank reconciliation transactions and invoice line items to the said project.

The Xero Projects app is ideal for small businesses and independent contractors as it allows you to stay on top of spending and invoicing. It is not, however, a fully-fledged project management tool as it doesn’t include planning, scheduling or document management, among others.

What are the benefits of Xero Projects?

Xero Projects for mobile syncs directly with your records in Xero, which is beneficial as it allows everyone on a team to see how time and money is being managed. If you work independently, it will help you keep track of every little task you’ve taken on and reduced tedious admin work.

One of the recent features added to Xero Projects is a built-in timer on your smartphone that you can use to record how much time is spent on a job or a client. After trying out the timer, some users find that they have been invoicing clients for less time than they have given them; this is the kind of information that can drive profits by helping you invoice for the correct amount.

Apart from the timer feature, here are some of the main benefits you will enjoy when using Xero Projects:

  • Monitor budgets and costs, day by day
  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Assign user permissions with three different levels of access
  • View your projects in one place, in real time
  • Access and update your projects out of office, or on the move

Contact Berley to help you set up Projects

For small business owners and independent contractors who prefer a simple job costing tool that is better than brainpower or spreadsheets, Xero Projects is the perfect solution.

Berley is a Silver Champion Partner to Xero and together we make online accounting feel intuitive and easy. As a London small business accountant who understands your concerns, we work with you so that you can quickly get to grips with the Xero features and apps. If you are already using Xero with Berley Chartered Accountants, get in touch to get Projects added to your subscription. If you’re still unsure about whether Projects will be a good fit for your company or business model, call us to find out more.

For any questions about online accounting, contact Berley Chartered Accountants at 020 7636 9094 or use our Online Form.

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