How can Berley’s probate service help you?

Probate is the legal process of analysing and administering the estate of a deceased person whose estate is worth more than £15,000 and isn’t being passed to a surviving spouse or civil partner by definition.

A typical probate process usually involves:

  • Confirming the validity of a will (if there is one)
  • Obtaining valuations
  • Applying for a grant of probate and paying service fees to HMRC (note: the government has planned to introduce a new fee system but this has been delayed)
  • Paying inheritance tax
  • Getting the assets released
  • Making records
  • Then finally, distributing the assets to named beneficiaries.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. On top of that, the probate process can be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful – all intensified during a time of mourning. At Berley, our licensed probate specialists in London understand that as an executor of the estate, you may already have a lot on your plate during this time of need and may not be in the best position to take charge of the whole probate process, which is why we’re here to help and lighten your load.

We are probate experts

The complex probate process used to be reserved for lawyers and solicitors, but as of August 2014, licensed accountants can also provide non-contentious probate services. Licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Berley’s probate specialists in London can help you to gather all the information pertaining to assets and liabilities of your deceased loved one. Additionally, we can also help you to prepare any personal tax returns that are required up to the date of death and answer any inheritance tax enquiries you may have. At the end of the probate process, we also assist in preparing a set of final accounts detailing all the money received and paid out.

Our probate specialists have the right knowledge and the endeavour to ensure you are supported through this difficult time. We know that as an executor of the estate, overseeing the deceased’s finances can add a personal strain to you, this is why we are here to alleviate your stress so you can focus on other matters such as funeral arrangements.

Berley’s probate service can save you time and money

The probate process requires intricate knowledge of finance and access to the relevant account information of the deceased, which is something that not all legal professionals have. By going directly to an accountant like us, you do not have to wait for a solicitor to enlist the help of an accountant to access and gather the necessary financial information, thereby making the process more efficient and tailored for you.

Solicitors also tend to charge a percentage of the assets, while at Berley we have a clear fee structure that charges on a time basis with no hidden fees. The fees are also agreed in advance. As the cost of probate usually comes out of the estate, paying less fees may mean the beneficiaries of the estate receive a bigger share.

We are here to help

You can trust us to help you approach the necessary probate matters in a professional, efficient and sensitive way. For more information, contact our specialist probate team on 020 7636 9094 or send us an email at

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